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De Veniericomplies with the rules and the spirit of the Italian privacy law.
This means that it protects the privacy of anyone dealing with De Venieri, be they employees, suppliers, customers, potential customers or just visitors to the web site.


If a visitor to the web site decides to volunteer any information defined as personal by the Italian law D.L.G. 196/2003, this can only be done subject to the rules and procedures specified on the Site that comply with the aforementioned law D.L.G. 196/2003. Personal data are provided entirely at the discretion of each visitor to the Site.
No record is kept of personal data provided on the De Venieri Site unless visitors specifically authorize us to do so. To avoid any errors or misunderstandings, all recording of personal data can be done only after further, final confirmation by the visitor.


If, for any reason, you wish to send an e-mail to our Site, or if the Site prompts you to join a mailing list to receive a newsletter automatically on your computer, we emphasize that, in the event of any of these options involving our recording of your personal data, said recording of your personal data will always be done in compliance with the privacy law. As a consequence, no recording will be made without your explicit and reiterated approval.


As mentioned in the Notes, access to the Site requires that you accept all the rules specified therein.
Therefore any user who accesses the Site tacitly accepts that any controversies deriving from access to the Site or relating to the Information or Objects contained on the Site shall come under Italian law. Moreover, the user agrees that the Law Courts of Brescia shall have exclusive cognizance for any such above-mentioned problems.

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