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Drawing upon a tradition of metalworking with roots as old as European history itself, De Venieri creates finely wrought expressions in cast bronze of the ancient artisanship for which the Northern Italian mountain valleys of Brescia have become legendary.

All of the cast bronze articles in the De Venieri collection are created using traditional methods handed down by many generations of artisans.
Despite the advantages recently introduced by computer technology at various stages of the model-making process, the beauty of the finished object still depends on the fine capabilities of a deftly guided human hand.

Each piece in the De Venieri line is scrupulously researched from historical sources in order to re-create both the form and aesthetic impact of true artefacts.

Once the design is perfect, it is modelled by hand following age – old foundry and workshop techniques before being finely rendered in either red or white bronze and finished in one of the variety of applied treatments.

From that point onward, these “living object” begin to acquire their own individual identity, responding naturally to the various effects of use and environment and gradually taking on the “Patina of Time”.

Likewise, custom-designed articles can be realized with the utmost care and attention to detail befitting the most demanding clientele.

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